Lawsuit filed against Brownsville restaurant by customers who got sick after eating there

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We all know we love a good place to eat, especially here in the Valley. But after dining at a popular taco restaurant one family says they won’t be returning any time soon.

“It’s a very hard painful thing I had to see it, go through,” Brownsville resident Jorge Luis Vasquez said.

Vasquez explained the helpless feeling he had the night his family became sick just minutes after eating at El Rey del Taco Restaurant in Brownsville.

“20 minutes later, one of my boys started throwing up, then my wife started throwing up. Then my younger son started splattering all over the walls too,” he added.

From there things got worse. Vasquez says his wife and kids passed out and that’s when he made a call to the emergency room and his family weren’t the only ones in for the same reason.

“We have approximately 25-30 people that have reported to us from the hospital,” Esmeralda Guajardo, Cameron County Public Health Administrator, said. “But we have also received some reports from other individuals that stated that they were at the restaurant and they also became ill.”

Right now, an investigation is continuing as to what exactly made everyone sick. It’s also the reason why El Rey del Taco is closed.

“In this case, we have individuals that are sick but now they need to be tested and trying to figure out what is it about this situation that caused them to get this sick?” Guajardo explained.

Attorney Anthony Coveny from Ron Simon and Associates, a law firm focused on food borne illnesses, is representing eight families, who became ill after reportedly eating at the restaurant. They have filed a lawsuit accusing the restaurant of negligence.

“I received calls from at least eight separate families,” said Coveny. “I suspect the mass majority of people that got sick have not contacted the health department.”

With this illness, the Vasquez family says they are thinking twice before going out to eat.

“When it comes down to my family and my kids, I’m not going to risk it,” Vasquez said.

We did attempt to reach out to the owner of the restaurant for comment but were unable to get ahold of him.

For now, the Cameron County Health Department said they will be releasing a statement once they obtain the lab results from the investigation.

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