AUSTIN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Lawmakers in Austin say they are working to provide Texas homeowners property tax relief.

The state has one of the highest property tax rates in the country – that’s come back into the spotlight with the recent jump in home appraisals in the Valley.

Gov. Greg Abbott has called a special session to come up with a property tax plan. The state House has promoted a bill that would introduce “compression” that would take down the school district tax rate and provide $12.3 billion to lower local tax rates slightly.

This would dip into the state budget surplus.

The state Senate had promoted a plan to raise the Homestead Exemption to $100,000 as a way to provide relief.

State House member Janie Lopez says the two chambers are now moving to make tax relief a reality.

“We did pass this House Bill 1 and HJR 1. Now we’re waiting on the senate. I believe the senate had already met and they discussed their bills as well. Now we all need to be in agreement to make sure this is what the governor wants,” Lopez said.

Cameron County property tax consultant Alan Atherton tells ValleyCentral he is monitoring the situation and feels it’s anyone’s guess one what will happen.

He believes Abbott, Lt. Governor and the Texas Senate are not in agreement as of now.