SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Spring Break is kicking off across Texas and local law enforcement is making sure people on the roads and beaches are celebrating safely.

Sgt. Maria Montalvo with the Texas Department of Public Safety said they are anticipating an increase in traffic this Spring Break and State Troopers will be patrolling all areas.

“They will be looking for drivers who are not obeying our traffic laws here in Texas,” said Montalvo.

She said they will be looking for traffic violations, but their main focus will be keeping drunk drivers off the road.

“You will get stopped; you will get arrested. DPS has zero-tolerance for that offense,” she said.

Ray Pedraza, the public information officer for the Texas Department of Transportation, said during the 2021 Spring Break holiday, there were 38 DUI-alcohol-related traffic crashes resulting in 2 fatalities in deep South Texas.

While Texas State Troopers are patrolling the roads, Cameron County Park Rangers will also be on the lookout on beaches, county parks, and Isla Blanca.

“We police from beach access two, which is Andie Bowie to two miles north of access 6,” said Cameron County Park Ranger’s chief Horacio Zamora.

He said with larger crowds at county beaches, they will be increasing patrol.

“Every spring break, we have overlapping schedules on our officers. Our officers are working 12-hour shifts,” said Zamora.

The Cameron County Park Ranger’s main focus is the beaches, but they also collaborate with local police and Texas DPS to assist during the holiday.

“On the beach, we just have to monitor what’s going on. We have to monitor if there are minors out there drinking. Make sure the traffic flow keeps going so that we don’t have traffic problems on the way out,” he said.

Chief Zamora and Sgt. Montalvo both said they want everyone to enjoy their break safely and get home safely.