MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The first temple in the Rio Grande Valley for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is under construction and will unite church members from southern Texas and northern Mexico. 

When completed, the temple will be 28,000 square feet and hold thousands of followers.

Art Rascon who is a member of the Latter-day Saints community said there are currently temples located in Houston, Dallas, Lubbock, and San Antonio.

Rascon said the temple in McAllen will become an important part of the RGV as it will allow the Latter-day Saints community to practice their beliefs.

“It’s a special place where we grow closer to God, it is a place where we make promises and covenants to God to be better people to live better lives,” Rascon said.

Pedro Alonzo, who is from Edinburg, said it will also help people save him money.

“People used to travel all the way to San Antonio and back, especially now with the gas prices being up so high, it’s harder for everyone, it’s going to be a big blessing for everyone,” said Alonzo.

Latter-day Saints Bishop Noe Grimaldo said they are expecting around 30,000 people to visit the temple. 

“It’s a lot of excitement right now for all the members of the church, especially in this area of the valley,” said Bishop Grimaldo. 

Saturday’s event was an opportunity for everyone to see what the temple will look like once it is completed. It will be located on the corner of Colonel Rowe and Trenton in McAllen and should be completed by May 2023.