Latino leaders gather to discuss Biden’s Latino agenda policy

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February 07 2021 06:00 pm

Texas Latino leaders met today through Zoom to discuss presidential candidate Joe Biden’s Latino agenda policy.  

The leaders in attendance were Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, Nueces County Judge Barbra Canales, Brownsville Mayor Trey Mendez, and Texas State Representative Victoria Neave. 

The panel was hosted by Rep. Neave.  

Each leader expressed their favor presidential candidate Joe Biden and why they believed he would be suitable leader for Latinos.  

A common theme in the panel was a feeling that the current administration had not been doing an adequate job at addressing the issues facing their communities.  

“For me as a local elected official, it’s hard. I’ve been here a year and a half and we’ve had to work against, not just a lack of support from the federal government, but proactive actions that keep us from doing good work,” says Judge Hidalgo as she talks about the reforms she has been working towards.  

Each leader took time to share the impact current of recent events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Hurricane Hanna.  

Judge Canales recounts her briefing where she learned that 160 children under the age of two had tested positive for the virus in her county.  

“We are in a health care crisis in Nueces County with COVID-19. But we were in one before COVID-19. COVID-19 reveals the social determinants that are affecting our community to the nth degree… I believe Biden wants to take care of us.” 

They went into detail about how the believe presidential candidate Biden would help relieve the issues Latinos face accessing healthcare, citing the “fear mongering” as one of the challenges brought to them by the current administration.  

The leaders believe Biden would live up to his campaign promise of a more compassionate campaign. 

As well as offering a leveled playing field for people of all backgrounds.  

“That’s what we need to bring to this country. We need more kindness, humility and empathy in the united states. We don’t need or want any more divisiveness, racism, systemic inequalities in our housing. We need to create wealth and we need to create opportunity for not only Latinos but all people of color,” says Mayor Mendez.  

They encourage the community to head out to the polls in November.  

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