EDINBURG, Texas (KGBT) —Movie-lovers and the nostalgic alike gathered at the last standing Blockbuster in Texas on Saturday to score some deals—and to pay tribute to a relic that’s been overrun by ubiquitous online streaming services.

The video store standing at the 1500 block of South Sugar Rd. officially closed Jan. 21, but reopened Saturday for a liquidation sale that may last weeks, said franchise owner Alan Payne.

Payne, who purchased the Edinburg store in 2006, said the closing of the location that’s been open since the early 1990’s is bittersweet.

“If you would’ve come into this store on a Friday night 15 years ago, you would’ve seen this many people in here and they would’ve been running, talking movies and having fun,” Payne said. “But, the last several years, everybody knows the business has been in decline, to the point that this was the last store left in the entire state.”

Customers left the video store Saturday with stacks of DVD’s, some waiting in line for more than an hour to buy movies that they just can’t find online. Others, like Steven Cerkiewicz, visited the store with a membership card in-hand, noting the store closing as a sign of the digital era. 

“I still love renting movies,” Cerkiewicz said. “Unfortunately, I think renting is kind of dead. Again, with the internet, I do understand people really do like hard copies of movies, but it just seems like not many people are going out to rent movies. It’s so much easier to just stream it.”