EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The City of Edinburg opened its second skate park Wednesday, the largest in the Rio Grande Valley.

The 12,000-square-foot skate park is located at 300 East Mark S. Pena Drive (Palm Drive.)

The park includes a bowl, grind rails, pole jams, tiered steps, hip banks, and a variety of pipes and ledges.

Built with local skaters in mind, the City of Edinburg spoke with individuals within the community when building the park.

It’s definitely cool, it’s actually like one of the first times we’ve been involved with any type of input… it’s just a game changer for the enviorment, having another skate park in the area.

Nick Holt, Skateborder

Although the park has definitely proved its worth to the skaters, the park will also be used to serve the community in other forms.

This is a great multi-use area, this area will serve all of south park and this would also serve as a detention pod. So when enough rain does come out, we will be able to contain some of the water in the bowl. Then we will pump it out and it will be out into the system.

Tom Reyna, Assistant City Manager of Edinburg

Phase two of the park is currently under design and is expected to be under construction by this fall, a restroom facility and water stations will be added, according to Reyna.

Courtesy: The City of Edinburg via Facebook