Laredo Taco Company features Brownsville singer in new video series

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(Laredo Taco Company)

IRVING, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Laredo Taco Company featured Veronique Medrano, a local Tejano singer from Brownsville, as part of their new video series titled “Made Right Here.

The series, which is hosted by Texas native Mando Rayo, takes viewers on a road trip throughout Texas.

This week’s episode was in Brownsville, as Rayo was joined by Medrano on a visit to La Pulga, the local flea market, according to a news release from Laredo Taco Company.

The two discussed Hispanic culture and the taco-making process, featuring instructions from Medrano’s grandmother.

Medrano offered praise to the Brownsville area.

“I am from Brownsville and have lived throughout the Valley since my college days. I am honored to showcase the beauty and authenticity of Brownsville. I am proud of the Rio Grande Valley, and I like reminding people that the Q-Taco came from here,” Medrano said in the release.

Medrano will be performing on Oct. 30 at the 19th annual Día de los Muertos event at the Museum of South Texas in Edinburg.

Laredo Taco Company will offer free tacos in honor of the Brownsville episode. You can claim free tacos by texting “Brownsville” to 88388 through Oct. 30, according to the release.

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