LAGUNA HEIGHTS, Texas (ValleyCentral) — For many homeowners in Laguna Heights, it has been a struggle to rebuild after the devastating EF-1 tornado that happened back in May.

The upcoming rains may present another setback, but first responders are sharing the crucial steps in staying prepared.

Destruction, to even several roofs covered in tarps, can be found in Laguna Heights as homeowners are doing what they can to prepare for the rain.

Authorities are set to patrol the area and share preparedness tips with residents.

“It gets a little flooded out back here in this area behind me so we make sure that the drainage ditches are clear from any kind of debris,” Cameron County Constable Norman Esquivel with Precinct 1 said.

Janie Leon has lived in Laguna Heights since April and a month later was struck by the deadly tornado.

“Always be prepared for anything,” Leon said.

She lost power for quite some time and is now prepared if she experiences another outage due to the rain.

“Buy candles, flashlights, and such because in case the electricity goes out you have some backup right there,” Leon said.

Esquivel along with other first responders will be out patrolling the areas.

They are encouraging homeowners to cut their tree limbs, so they stay away from powerlines. Officials also need homeowners to clear debris from their storm drains.

If the ditches are blocked by items, that can lead to major flooding.

“We tell them, check their roofs, check their gutters if they have any make sure they’re free so that the water can flow away from the property and into the drainage ditches so we can have that free flow of water out of this area,” Esquivel said.

As several continue to rebuild, they hope the rains will not cause a major delay in the process.

“You never know, look what happened with the tornado, everything happened all of a sudden and a lot of us were not prepared for it especially all these people in laguna heights were left homeless,” Leon said.