La Villa ISD Walks for Autism Awareness

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April is ‘Autism Awareness Month’ and RGV communities continue to raise the awareness.

It is the first year the La Villa ISD joins the nationwide movement. They are the only district in Texas to have all students participate in their first annual walk. The challenges of autism are no longer being kept in the dark at their district.

Evelyn Cano with Capable Kids Foundation said, “Some of our kids have trouble with social interaction. These types of events like we’re doing here at La Villa ISD are helping kids like my son and these children here, hear what Autism is.”

Step by step, the school district is spreading the word. One parent said these children are not any different, only wired differently.

The district is reaching out to support people like the Cerda-Valdez Family.

Diana Cerda said about her daughter, “She [Laura] has a lot of hidden talents in there. She’s not very social. She doesn’t talk a lot. But, she’s a great child.”

Despite the behavioral problems, Laura had as a young girl, she is now a bright 13 year old with a love for art. But the challenges never end for people with autism.

Evellyn Martinez, Autistic College Student said, “When you grow up with multiple disadvantages, it’s very easy to give up or just consider the idea. And when you consider it, you’re always full of fear. What if I fail? What if I don’t finish in time. What if I’m just not enough?”

Evellyn says it took her many years to really understand when teachers would tell her she’s smart in her own way. And six years after her diagnosis, she has one message for those who are much like her.

“You’re a person more than anything else. And you should never be ashamed of that.”

On April 22, Capable Kids Foundation will host a ‘Fun Walk and Sensory Festival’ in McAllen.

You can find more information on their website

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