LA FERIA, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Daniel Sperry came across something unusual Wednesday morning when he saw a crop duster plane flying low in his neighborhood in La Feria. But the plane is not what shocked him.

“I saw a mist coming off this plane and I was like okay he’s still spraying where’s he spraying?” Sperry said. ” So I came out after he came over my place three times and he flew right over me with the sprayer still on.” 

Living next door to a cane field, Sperry is used to seeing crop dusters flying over his neighborhood, but he has never seen anyone spray over his home.

“They turned their rig on and start at the other end, they stop it,” Sperry said. ” This guy did not stop it’s either that or something malfunctioned.”

According to the Texas Department of Agriculture, crop dusters are not allowed to spray over residential areas and should not sprat when winds are over 10 miles per hour.

Now Sperry is not only concerned for his health but for the animals nearby.

The only thing I am looking at is long-term because I’ve got four dogs out here with their water dishes,” Sperry said. “I’m concerned about the animals and my welfare later on. I don’t feel anything now but there is something later that I need to worry about since it hit me in the eyes.” 

The State Department of Agriculture is now investigating to find out who was flying the plane and what was being sprayed. But in the meantime, Sperry hopes this does not happen again.

“The wind was out here and what he was spraying, and you got to be more cautious,” Sperry said.