Killed Mountain Lion Facebook Story Proven To Be Hoax

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Texas Parks and Wildlife confirm a facebook post from a Cameron County based group is a hoax. The photo of a dead mountain lion used to draw attention to a water issue wasn’t taken in the area. “We do have mountain lions in Cameron County but there was not one killed anywhere near Rancho Viejo” explained Captain James Dunks with Texas Parks and Wildlife. 

“Dunks – We talked to different people within our agency which actually saw the cat…

KVEO- Like physically saw the remains of it?

Dunks – they saw the dead animal yes”

The facebook post had more than 500 shares a week after it was posted on December 20th. The writer said in part, “I wanted to let you all know about an incident that happened in the back of Rancho Viejo on a private road off Escadon Avenue. This mountain lion was roaming around their property and one of their ranch hands saw it and killed it. Because Valley Mud has dammed up parts of the resaca that border Rancho- specifically their property- the barrier is dried up and these wild animals are able to cross over from Mexico. Just wanted everyone to be aware since all of our children play outside and in the fields, not far from where this lion was found. It’s sad what happened to the animal but unfortunately these things happen when man messes with nature.”

However, the photo was taken more than 90 miles away, “Well after looking into everything, it was determined that that mountain lion was lawfully killed in Starr County [and] It was killed several weeks ago.” 

News Center 23 did request the hunter’s name who killed the mountain lion, Captain Dunks replied, “The Hunter wants to keep his privacy to himself and I don’t blame him..”

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