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BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The holiday season is in full swing and many people in the valley are out Christmas shopping, but that also leads to the risk of car burglaries.

Brownsville Police see many people leave opportunities for burglars when they park their cars while shopping. Shoppers like Juan Castro are admitting that they occasionally let their guard down.

“I pretty much take it for granted that we are safe in this area as the rest of the valley we have some good officers that are always doing that kind of job,” Castro said. “But you can never let your guard down.”

However, Castro still tries to make sure his cars are secured.

Brownsville Police expect to get more reports of car break-ins during the holidays. Officers will be on the lookout at multiple shopping centers.

“We have officers that do our patrol byes in the area. We also have the tower that we place every day at different locations that also gives us a birds-eye view of the whole entire parking lot,” said Martin Sandoval, Public Information Officer for the Brownsville Police Department. “We tend to see that if there is somebody suspicious, looking around in the cars, we’ll start dispatching officers.”

Even after the holidays, the risk of car burglaries is still there. Police advise the best way to protect yourself from any thefts is to take or hide any valuable items inside you car. And the biggest tip is to always make sure your car is locked.

“It doesn’t take that much effort to actually steal something from inside the vehicle because all they do is break the window, open the door, grab whatever is available real quick and take off,” Sandoval said.

And while Police say car burglaries have gone down these past few years, police are still urging people to be on the look out. Shoppers like Castro plan to do just that.

“We take a lot of things for granted but safety we should never take for granted,” Castro said.

Another big tip Brownsville Police are urging shoppers not to keep all purchased items in the car while on a shopping trip. Police recommend people drop their purchases off at home before going anywhere else.

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