MCALLEN, Texas – After a month and a half of testimony and 14 hours of deliberations, a jury has found Jorge Zamora Quezada guilty.

The jury found Quezada guilty on seven counts of health care fraud, one count of obstruction of justice and another for conspiracy to commit health care fraud. The jury however did not find Quezada guilty of one of those health care fraud counts.

Here’s what his attorney had to say moments after Quezada’s conviction

“The findings of the verdict were surprising in a lot of ways given the evidence that came out in court and those are different issues that we take before the judge. Right now, we have to address the supervise pre-sentence investigation report and then obviously go into court before sentencing and filing other appropriate motions in regards to this.”

The doctor’s wife, Meisy Zamora and their former billing supervisor Estella Natera both found not guilty of the conspiracy to commit health care fraud charge they faced.

Quezada’s sentencing has been set for March 27th at 9:30 a.m. The judge removed Quezada’s money laundering charge due to insufficient evidence.