Edgar Baltazar will be released from the Port Isabel Detention Center sometime tonight, according to his attorney.

His attorney said that their case was successful. 

Were told  the judge granted cancellation of removal. 

According to his attorney, Baltazar will maintain his legal resident status which means he can travel outside and within the country.

His attorney also said the next step for Baltazar is to apply for citizenship.

Baltazar, an Iraq War combat Veteran, was detained by immigration officials after spending a day in Mexico last February. 

It’s unclear the exact time that Baltazar will be released. 


After nearly three months of being held at the Port Isabel Detention Center, Iraq war combat Veteran Edgar Baltazar, is going to have to wait a little longer after a judge has asked for more time to make a decision.

Baltazar’s final immigration hearing was scheduled at the detention center on Monday. 

CBS 4 attempted to go inside the facility but were denied access. However, according to Carlos Luna from the LULAC Council, the hearing was delayed.

In February, Baltazar was detained by immigration officials after spending the day in Mexico. He was then flagged for a past criminal conviction, for which he has received probation.

According to his attorney, Carlos Moctezuma Garcia, Baltazar was on deferred adjudication probation and was granted permission to travel to Mexico for the day.

His family tells us Baltazar has post-traumatic stress disorder and that while he’s been at the detention center, he has not been allowed to take any medications.

“She indicated three days. It could be sooner, it could be later,”  Garcia said. “I’m really hoping we do this as soon as possible because the reality is that an Iraq war veteran is still detained at this detention center.”

If deported, Baltazar will be separated from his 2 kids and his wife, who is also veteran and currently battling cervical cancer.