A visiting judge grants motion for continuance in the case of Edinburg Mayor Richard Molina and his wife Dalia. 

According to court documents, attorney Carlos Garcia requested the trial be continued so both parties can “inspect, examine and test physical evidence” 

The motion was granted Friday November 22. Garcia is asking for a 90 day extension. 

Molina and his wife were scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday for a pre trial hearing, but the hearing has been canceled until further notice. 

District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez says all other people involved in the case are still scheduled for a hearing in January.

In July, Molina and his wife, Dalia, plead not guilty before a judge after both were charged with engaging in organized election fraud and illegal voting. 

Dalia is charged with three counts of voter fraud and Molina is charged with 12. 

Business partner and alleged co-conspirator Julio Carranza was also granted a motion for continuance. 

Carranza also plead not guilty and was arraigned on similar charges.

15 other people have pleaded not guilty in connection to the case.