The former priest accused of killing a McAllen beauty queen will head to trial in Hidalgo County.

Attorneys for Priest John Feit — who’s charged with the murder of McAllen beauty queen Irene Garza in April 1960 — wanted the murder trial moved, arguing wall-to-wall media coverage would make finding an impartial jury difficult.

Prosecutors, though, fought for the trial to take place where the murder occurred: in Hidalgo County.

The District Attorney’s Office submitted a 45-page response to the motion for a change of venue that began:

Thou shall not kill (1)
Whoever shall voluntarily kill any person within this State shall be guilty of murder. (2)
God wrote the first law and the citizens of Hidalgo County, by and through a representative government, wrote the second. And both have a fundamental interest in justice. 
[T]he Colonists believed in the concept that the community which had suffered injury should be allowed to judge those charged with the injury…To this day, the interest of a community in trying those who violate its laws remains a central tenet of our judicial system. (3)
Justice is the same today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow.

State District Judge Luis Singleterry sided with the prosecution and denied the motion Wednesday:

The Court after reviewing the record, pleadings, hearing testimony and argument of counsel is of the opinion that Defendant has failed to demonstrate the existence of such prejudice in the community that the likelihood of obtaining a fair and impartial jury trial is doubtful; therefore,
Defendant’s Motion for Change of Venue should be DENIED.

A final pretrial hearing is scheduled for July 19.