“It’s not cops against citizens, we’re all united” Edinburg PD addresses protesters

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EDINBURG, Texas – Edinburg Police united with protesters Saturday evening as they showed their support for George Floyd. Standing in solidarity, officers distributed pizza for protesters during the Black Lives Matter protest at city hall.

“They all have the First Amendment rights which is freedom of speech and we understand that. The officers are not going to get in your way as long as it’s within legal bounds,” said Edinburg Police Department spokesperson Arielle Benedict.

Officers want citizens to know they are supportive of them expressing their feelings and justify the protest.

“Our police officers at the department are humans just behind a badge. We want our citizens to know we do hear you and we have your back,” Benedict added.

Texas LULAC Chair of LGBT, Elias Cantu said this type of unity is what will keep the RGV safe.

“It helps keep an open door policy and reduces the fear that people have of police,” said Cantu.

For activists the most valuable thing is to be understood.

”That’s exactly why they’re doing this because they feel that they are not being heard. They feel that they’ve been doing this for years and decades. They still haven’t gotten what they’ve been wanting. They just want to feel safe in their community and for police brutality to end,” Cantu added.

City Manager Ron Garza is grateful for the Rio Grande Valley’s response and maintaining peace in the community.

“We had about 400 individuals that came by Saturday just to do a peaceful protest. Our priority is to keep everyone safe. We’re still in the midst of a pandemic, so we just want to make sure everyone expresses themselves in the safest manner possible,” said Garza.

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