BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Residents in a Brownsville neighborhood are preparing to clean up after heavy downpours caused severe flood damage to their homes.

Julie Pedraza and Daniel Araujo of Brownsville said the flooding in their neighborhood is nothing new and they are frustrated with the city of Brownsville not making any improvements.

“Each time it rains everything goes into the house, the garage, and it’s a nightmare,” said Pedraza.

They said they have lived in the Tradition Estates subdivision for ten years and knew after their first year in the neighborhood that rain was going to cause flooding in their area.

Pedraza said they want a permanent solution by the city.

“We keep reporting this to the city, they do little workarounds, but it doesn’t fix the long-term problem that’s been development-wise, it’s a mess,” said Pedraza.

The recent rain caused their street to flood and water to enter their home, damaging their property, according to Pedraza.

Araujo said they have tried calling the city during other flooding events, but know the routine and that it does not get them solutions.

“There’s nobody there, we can’t call right now, we call, and nobody is going to pick up, so we basically have to wait until working hours to call them before the water will go away, it’ll drain out, and yeah it’s very frustrating,” said Araujo.

The flood damage has caused them over one-hundred thousand dollars in damages, according to Araujo.

They said their neighbors are also dealing with the same issues.

“One feels depressed because of all the sacrifices we make to have all our things, to then lose it all in a short time,” said Brownsville resident, Herasmo Lopez.

Lopez has lived in the same neighborhood, on Tradition Circle, since 2017 and also said he is frustrated with not getting a resolution.

He explained that the flood water ruined furniture and other belongings for the fourth time.

“Right now there’s a pump out there to take out the water from this street, the next, and the one after that, but it’s not turned on, how is the water going to go,” said Lopez.

Both residents said they needed to leave their homes for a few nights as they wait for the water to recede and would continue the clean-up process over a few days.

City of Brownsville Commissioner for district 3, Roy De Los Santos, said he understood the resident’s concerns.

“The citizens have every right to be frustrated and every right even to upset and irate at the situation because it’s inexcusable,” said De Los Santos.

He recommended the citizens of Brownsville to be vocal and stay vocal about the problems in their district.

“Poor planning, the city did not have the right standards in place, in my opinion,” said De Los Santos.

He explained that an announcement regarding a plan that includes improvements and standards for development will be announced at the start of next year.

“Coming ahead is the largest investment in drainage and flooding problems in the history of Brownsville, over 40 million dollars, and also raising the development standards so that new construction whether it’s residential or commercial, is built to a higher standard with regard to drainage and flooding,” explained De Los Santos.

The residents of Tradition Estates said they want solutions soon and that they are concerned about potential rain heading their way again.