‘It’s a fire hazard,’ Brownsville residents share concerns of brush pickup delay

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas (KVEO) —Some Brownsville residents say brush has been piling up for months in their alleyway, creating a fire hazard.

Manuel Castro has lived near the alleyway located on 17th street between West Washington and West Elizabeth Street said that the brush pickup is spotty.

“This is one thing after another. When they want to come by they do, and when they don’t they give you excuses,  but this is too much,” said Castro, who has lived there for almost 12 years.

Castro said that the brush hasn’t been picked up since November. He said that his children can’t play in the alleyway, because there are possums and tarantulas in the brush.

When Castro reached out to the city, they said that Republic Services wasn’t able to pick up the brush because the Spectrum cables hang too low.

“I told them OK, then you have to call them. They said ‘no, you have to call.’ Why should we have to call? We did not put the cables there.” he said.

KVEO spoke with Mary Celaya, a neighbor who says she has also contacted the city and they told her someone from Republic would contact her.

“I was concerned there was going to be a fire and all our properties were going to go up in flames, and they still have not done anything about it, [the city] knows that it’s a fire hazard,” Celaya said.

We reached out to the City who referred us to Republic Services. They said that they are looking into the issue.

We also reached out to Spectrum. They said this is the first they have heard of the issue, but immediately sent out a crew Monday afternoon. They will begin working on a plan to clean up the lines and raise the height of the cables where possible.

The people on the street just want the brush picked up.

“I feel it’s not right. We pay our taxes to the county and city, and this is not fair that we have this mess here,” Castro said.

Manuel Castro told KVEO.

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