‘It was an injustice’: WISD dismisses level three grievance of former softball player who suffered a concussion

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WESLACO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The father of a former softball player at Weslaco East High School told ValleyCentral the Weslaco Independent School District said there is not enough evidence that proves neglect.

“I was hoping for some results other than what they did and how they treated me—it was just injustice,” said Fernando Cabrera, father of former softball player Abigail Cabrera.

Abigail Cabrera received a concussion at practice back in April where she blacked out and was later told to drive herself home by the supervising coach Vicky Vasquez, according to the Cabrera family.

Fernando Cabrera said that the assistant superintendent, Sergio Garcia, conducted his own investigation that lead to the decision.

“They went with the findings of Mr. Sergio Garcia which there wasn’t, on his words, there wasn’t enough evidence to show that there was neglect,” said Cabrera. “School board members were all going with Mr. Garcia’s findings.”

Cabrera added WISD believed the former softball player’s injury was not serious enough to remove the softball coach.

“They wanted for her to have some brain damage, in order for some action to be taken they wanted some brain damage, I didn’t want to get to that point, nobody wants to get to that point,” said Cabrera.

ValleyCentral tried contacting WISD for over a month to comment on the grievance hearing’s conclusion.

The district’s public information officer, Carlos Robledo, first responded in September stating, “we are waiting on the attorney to let us know if we comment since this is a legal issue.”

We made contact again on Tuesday and received this reply:

Weslaco ISD policy does not allow us to comment on personnel issues

Carlos Robledo, Director of Instructional Television, Public Information & Performing Arts Center

Cabrera says that his daughter is no longer playing for Weslaco East and is focused on graduating instead.

According to Cabrera, coach Vicky Vasquez is allowed to coach both volleyball and softball at Weslaco East Highschool.

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