MISSION, Texas (ValleyCentral) — For the last 24 hours, the Rio Grande Valley has been buzzing on the boom that shook Hidalgo County.

Houston Air Traffic Control reports two pilots spotted a meteorite streak at 34,000 feet about 10 miles west of McAllen.

ValleyCentral’s Derick Garcia drove around within the 10 mile radius with Mission police looking for where the meteorite may have hit.

Officer Art Flores with Mission Police Department has 20 on the force. Wednesday night’s flood of calls for the boom was a night for Flores to remember.

“I mean, for something like that to happen here in the Valley is very odd, right? It’s an unusual situation. You know, we’ve never had anything experience here in the Valley. So, of course, our community was worried,” Flores said. 

Hundreds of panicked calls flooded the phone lines asking about the loud boom.

“We had chief of police out there. We had the assistant chiefs out there. The good thing is we have a good report with all our local agencies. And we, our administration contacted our local agencies just to notify them about the situation. But as we know, they also had the same similar calls and, in their departments,” Flores said. 

Mission PD deployed a drone to get a sky view of what fell from the sky, but they had no luck.

NASA confirmed reports Thursday that a meteroid made entry near McAllen.

There are currently no reports of anyone hurt or damages made from the meteorite event.