International Museum of Arts and Science continues mission of instructing kids

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MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A premier art and science museum in South Texas has dedicated 52 years to educating the community on science and so much more.

Located in McAllen, the International Museum of Art and Science (IMAS) in McAllen has been working to do one thing.

“Scientific exploration is something we encourage for children who come into our Bio Zone,” said Celina Michel, a Reservationist at IMAS.

Though a skeleton features prominently in the room of the Bio Zone in IMAS, Michel tells Valley Central the room is slithering with life.

“The main space here is where we have all of our animals on display in their habitats,” she said, gesturing to cages with snakes and various other reptiles.

 The reptilian residents of the Bio Zone are a great way to introduce young children to the field of science.

“When children come in, the first thing they’re attracted to is of course the animals that are on display,” Michel said while holding a leopard gecko named Gobi in her hands up to the camera.

Biology isn’t the only area the museum focuses on. They also have several exhibits designed to inform, instruct and even entertain guests with stations about space and agriculture. 

And who wouldn’t want to make their own dinosaur?

Michel said that IMAS also has “a couple of tables here for students to do some hands-on activities” where they could build watersheds, look under microscopes, build models with clay and even learn about the agricultural process.

IMAS is preparing to open a new art exhibit with submissions from museum members in a few weeks. While they wait for that to open, Michel said it’s encouraging to see so many children take an interest in science. 

“My favorite thing about science and teaching science to visitors that come in, especially children, is that they always come back with more information and teach me as well because the stem field is always evolving,” Michel said.

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