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Informant Testifies Against Former Police Chief

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Former La Joya Police Chief Geovani Hernandez, who was employed by the Progreso Police Department at the time of his arrest in August 2017, faces drug trafficking charges. Prosecutors allege Hernandez was transporting drugs for a criminal organization in Mexico.

Hector Saucedo-Rodriguez, a Homeland Security Investigations Informant, who also had close connection with criminal organizations testified, Hernandez was receiving thousands of dollars from the organization to provide certain individuals a firearm license without taking a test.

He added that Hernandez promised to help him run an illegal slot machines casino in Weslaco or Progreso. Hernandez assured Rodriguez, he had slot machines that would never let a customer win.

According to an audio recording device Rodriguez carried as part of the federal investigation inside his sock, Hernandez tells Rodriguez once the casino was open, he could drive around the business, spot any undercover agents, take a picture of them, and Hernandez would alert Rodriguez.

Rodriguez also says he paid Hernandez $1,000 to run two license plates and serial numbers to make sure vehicles transporting drugs north had a clean title. Rodriguez says Hernandez told him a story about transporting cocaine into Mexico and being followed by the military but crashed into a farm and was never caught.

Rodriguez says Hernandez was crucial for the business. As he would have easier access to
transport drugs through the Progreso Port of Entry and the Falfurrias check point without being inspected.

He also admitted keeping half of the money ICE gave him to pay Hernandez for his services. Rodriguez became an ICE informant after his wife asked him to cooperate with federal agents. All to reduce her sentence following controlled substance charges against her.

More witnesses are expected to testify.

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