One Valley organization is making sure their little ones have the skills they need to survive in the water. 

With summer around the corner, accidental drownings can happen in an instant, but infant swim classes are making sure they don’t. 

Infant Swim Resources Harlingen is offering self-rescue swim lessons, hoping that by doing so, a trip to the pool doesn’t mean tragedy. 

For one parent, teaching her kids how to swim was about more than just summer fun, it meant preventing tragedy.

“They get out of your sight in seconds and if that happens, I know that they know what to do if they reach the water alone,” Cynthia Sparks, an ISR instructor, says. “Drowning is the number one leading cause for accidental death for children between one and four years old.”

Sparks decided to become an Infant Swim Resource instructor, a self-rescue non-profit that teaches infants as young as six months old how to swim. 

“We educate the parents as well, we teach them what they can and cannot do in the water so they can maintain the skills that their child has learned,” Sparks said. 

According to the Judah Brown Project, this Memorial Day weekend, five children across the state lost their lives in accidental drownings. 

“Drowning is 100% preventable,” Sparks said. 

The every day, 10-minute lessons hope to give parents peace of mind, and their kids the skills they need to survive – both in bathing suits and fully clothed. 

“They’d tell us he’s too young, why are you going to put him through all that? But the consistency has really made it easy for us being that it’s a 10-minute session every day. He’s caught on rather quickly and that’s what gives us reassurance that what he’s doing is working,” Klaudia Guzman, a parent who enrolled her 14-month old in classes, said. 

Lessons can last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the child’s experience with water beforehand and refresher courses help maintain what they’ve already learned. 

“God forbid they fall in or something happens, I know that my child has a chance,” Sparks said. 

If you’re interested in lessons, the organization’s website can be found here: