“It is just a matter of time before it actually comes through and they follow through” said Gabriela Zavala with Equal Voices Network at Brownsville’s July City Council Meeting.

Zavala believes it is only a matter of time before more cities openly denounce senate bill 4 also known as the Sanctuary City Law. From the beginning of its introduction, the controversial law has been under scrutiny for penalizes cities by taking away state funds if they do not comply with immigration detainers.
Critics say the law takes local power away from cities and gives law enforcement agencies authority to ask for immigration documentation at any time.

“I think it’s very clear that everybody sees SB4 as a racist law and as a racial profiling law that will either affect them or somebody in their family or somebody in their community” said Sadie Hernandez Planned Parenthood Texas Votes.

Hernandez has traveled to Austin to speak against the Sanctuary City law and protested Governor Greg Abbott’s visit to Brownsville just days before signing the bill into law.
Hernandez, Zavala and nearly two dozen equal rights activist plead with Brownsville City Council to follow the footsteps of Cameron County Commissioners’ who just hours before the meeting voted to join litigation, “Now that Cameron County has come out against it that local cities and governments will finally also be able to come out against it probably and finally feel that they have a platform to stand on.” Said Hernandez.

Brownsville is the southernmost city in State Representative Rene Oliveria’s District, in a one-on-one interview with News Center 23’s Derick Garcia he voiced his frustrations with the law, “think about the family that is traveling, driver gets pulled over his primary language is Spanish, I can see that family now, [Officer says] ‘Well you all are wetbacks let’s go. You are all under arrest.'”

Texas Sanctuary City Law is set to take effect Sept. 1st, 2017.