HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — On Thursday ValleyCentral got some from our partners at the Hill. Correspondent Rafael Bernal talked about how the Supreme Court granted the Biden administration permission to revoke migrant protection protocols.

“Well, the original stated goal of the policy was to have fewer people released by border authorities into the country. These people who were released were all asylum seekers. That’s how people get released, and largely, it accomplished that goal. But of course, a lot of the criticism was that preventing the release of asylum seekers into the country violated asylum law,” said Bernal.

In Washington, D.C. there have been Democrats that say the border is not secure and Republicans agree that the border right now needs to have a little bit more control. Are there any concerns from officials over there on both parties, that ending Title 42 is going to create more chaos here on the border?

“The chaos at the border and the lack of control, in the end, the security issues at the border, I think are recognized by everyone and especially migrant advocates who fear for the lives of migrants. Now the solutions are what’s different, and what people viewed differently. It doesn’t really mean the end of MPP doesn’t mean that more people will come unless there is unless there’s bad communication, the bad communication and the disinformation have routinely created opportunities for smugglers, who basically use any border change, whether it’s in favor or against migrants to convince more migrants to use their services. And that’s really what the Biden administration has to combat now,” said Bernal.

It all started because the State of Texas sued the Biden administration. Will any of this from the Supreme Court come down to the lower courts and will that get complicated?

Bernal added, “it will get complicated but essentially what I’m hearing from lawyers and experts in the immigration field is that the immigration law, part of this question has been decided basically, the Supreme Court says that the administration can decide when it receives people and when it accepts them into the asylum process, the administration can decide who remains detained, and who was released into the country.

The complicated part will be a little bit on the Administrative Procedure Act to really as to how the Biden administration decided to end the policy. That is really just procedural and it probably won’t, in the future, affect the way the courts make the Biden administration implement immigration law, so they will be free to implement whatever policies they see fit.”