SEBASTIAN, Texas (KVEO) — Illegal trash dumping is causing confusion over which county is supposed to pick it up.

An anonymous caller said for about two months a pile of trash was on the side of the road near Sebastian. He was unsure if it was Willacy County’s or Hidalgo County’s problem because there are two county signs near the intersection.

Public Information Officer for Hidalgo County Precinct 1 Pepe Cabeza de Vaca said this is on ongoing problem but he hopes to give people tips on what to do when they see it.

“We just hope that people can go ahead and be more active about their community. Don’t engage with them, take a picture of the vehicle doing it,” said Cabeza de Vaca.

It was later discovered that it was part of Hidalgo County and Precinct One. The county said they will be looking into the issue but added, depending on which road it is on, it could be the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDot) job to pick it up.

KVEO/CBS4 did get in contact with TxDot and are still awaiting a response.

Cabeza de Vaca also said they can have constables assist them in finding the dumpers.

“So, we can give it to the constable and say ‘hey, here you go this is a vehicle that did it and they can go ahead and make an arrest,’” said Cabeza de Vaca.

The situation is being worked on by Hidalgo County and they hope to fix the problem soon.