Ignoring medical appointments during pandemic could pose long term problems

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HARLINGEN, Texas – With a smile on her face, 34-year-old Dolores Rodriguez gives thanks for another day.

For the last two years Rodriguez has been battling Stage 4 Colon cancer.

Every week, she walks in and out of the hospital for treatments despite the threat of COVID-19.

“Every doctor I meet they tell me that I am not supposed to be here, I should’ve been gone a long time ago. The only reason I’m here is because of God,” she said with gratitude as she showed us images of her family.

“It is scary, it is scary for all of us, you cant just let it go because of everything that’s going on right now. I do appreciate the doctors offices to takeout those measures for making us feel safe,” she added.

While Dolores sticks to her routine some are not. Dr. Christopher Romero with Valley Baptist Medical Center says fewer patients now could mean a wave of people needing emergency care later.

“There’s data that has come out that there’s a 70 percent of reduction seen in primary care settings for people seeking medical care across the country right now,” said Romero.

He says medical facilities are making sure the environment is safe for everyone. Urging the public not to ignore seeking medical care.

“Patients can end up dying from treatable conditions if they delay care. It’ll be horrible to see people suffer and die needlessly because of fear of the health care setting.”

Keeping in mind her two young children is the force that keeps pushing Rodriguez to continue.

“Just like the pandemic there’s everything in the world to fear. We can’t let the pandemic control our lives,” she said.

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