HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) – The high temperatures in the valley can be dangerous for people if they spend too much time outdoors. While it’s always hot during the summer it’s the current humidity that makes it even hotter.

As many will plan to spend time outside throughout the summer season, local doctors are urging people not to fall victim to heat-related illnesses.

“Everyone is susceptible to heat stroke and heat symptoms,” said Dr. Adam Benzing with Valley Baptist Medical Center.

Dr. Benzing tells ValleyCentral he has already seen multiple patients related to heat exhaustion and there are symptoms to look out for.

“If you have been outside or working outside, and you start to feel lightheaded then those are symptoms of heat exhaustion and that can progress all the way up to you passing out,” Dr. Benzing said.

If do you experience heat exhaustion, Dr. Benzing says that can lead to heat stroke which is much more severe.

“Essentially your body has burned out its ability to try to regulate its temperature so your body has gotten so hot that it is actually causing organ damage,” Dr. Benzing said. “So your brain is confused because it is too hot, and you can’t think clearly.” 

The best way to prevent any heat illness is to always drink plenty of water. For parents who plan to take their kids to outdoor activities, doctors say they should pay special attention.

“As soon as you see your kids having shortness of breath or they are getting tired of sweating excessively, stop them and take them into a cool area, give them water, and give them a break,” said Dr. Asim Zamir. “Let their body cool down and then let them come back.”

While may here in the valley plan their outdoor fun this summer, it is also best to plan ahead.

“Start the hydration early in the day if you know you will be spending a lot of time outdoors then make sure you are bringing enough water with you for everyone in the group,” Dr. Benzing said. ” If someone does get too hot what is your plan to cool them off.”  

Doctors also add not to spend too much time outdoors between late morning and early afternoon since that is when it’s the hottest. Anyone experiencing heat stroke symptoms should seek medical attention right away.