“I do it for the kids”: Santa continues to travel the RGV amid high demand and shortage

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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — As 2021 nears its end, one Santa Claus in the Rio Grande Valley said he is happy to be getting back on the sleigh and greeting families after sitting out last year.

Mr. Claus said after 10 years of putting on the red coat there is a big reason why he feels it is important to continue greeting children during the holiday season. 

“This little girl came up to me and she was about 6 years old, and she said all I want for Christmas is a teddy bear, things like that I do it for the kids,” said Mr. Claus. 

Around the country some companies who find jobs for Santas are reporting major shortages. Even this Mr. Claus put up his hat last year because of the pandemic. But at age 66, his tradition is back after his wife posted their availability online.  

“She posted it on the internet and all of sudden we had 50 hits in an hour,” said Mr. Claus

He said after that they had over 160 requests in less than two days. As people are feeling more comfortable with communicating in close proximity to others because of the vaccine, Mr. Claus also said they wanted everyone to feel safe which is why they are driving to visit families at their homes.

“They wanted Santa to come to their house and have Santa play for their kids and I even did pictures with their 4-legged kids,” said Mr. Claus. 

 He said he believes the real present is not found under the tree but in the meaning behind Christmas. 

“There is hope in this epidemic that we’re having and there’s hope for people to get together for Christmas,” said Mr. Claus.

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