Hurricane Hanna leaves catastrophic damage in Willacy County

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WILLACY COUNTY, Texas — The Rio Grande Valley is dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Hanna.

Willacy County is no different and they’re dealing with more than just flooding.

Rushing winds and rain left a mark in several homes like Joe Tovar’s apartment.

“It was flapping up and down, windows were bodging everything was pretty crazy,” Tovar said as he described the impact Hanna had on his home.

“Half of one of my walls was taken down, the carpet is ripped out,” he added.

High waters, the second year in a row for those at the North Star Apartments.

“The flooding, roofs, windows got busted and water that came through the apartments. Right nnow we are in the process. We just got out lights turned back at 12:21 this morning,” Diana Rocha, manager at the complex said.

All 72 units at the apartment complex are damaged from Hurricane Hanna but they are not the only ones.

“Port Mansfield, San Perlita, Raymondville, Santa Monica, Lyford, Sebastian we have a lot of home that have suffered some major damage,” Frank Torres, Willacy County Emergency Management Coordinator said.

While crews across the country work to pump water from impacted areas. Torres says damage from four to eight hours of hurricane forced winds is what many are focusing on.

“The wind damage we suffered is catastrophic. We have a lot of people that suffered major damage to their homes,” he explained.

For now he says the county continues to work around the clock assisting residents the best they can.

Torres says they are working in getting power back by Friday evening for those who are still without.

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