Human-like robots available for purchase in Rio Grande Valley

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The first ever human-like robots are now available for purchase— right here in the Rio Grande Valley.

The first ever human-like robots are now available for purchase— right here in the Rio Grande Valley.

“These are the first robots to arrive in the U.S. and we’re selling them nationwide and overseas,” said Ricardo Treviño, who is the founder and C.E.O of Pro Tek, a robotic technology in McAllen, “It can go upstairs, it can walk— literally walk on two legs around your home. The mental library is huge.”

The local company coordinates with a manufacture in China that builds the robots and sends them to the United States to be sold across the nation from the Valley.

The SanBot Nano Robots are handpicked by their owners and serve all different types of purposes, tailored to your specific need.

“We have quite a bit of requests for people who want them to clean their dishes, do all that tedious housework everyone wants to avoid,” Treviño said. 

It can even change a tire, deliver audio messages to people and even charge themselves. Aside from chores, these robots are also making advances in the workplace.

“As a business owner, you look for efficiency. So, at a part-time job, minimum wage, I still have to pay someone 10,000 a year. If I sell you one of these at 10,000 that can last you seven years, and never call in, do the same tasks, who would you pick?” said Treviño.

They are even being FDA tested and are working with hospitals, like Doctors Hospitals at Renaissance, to help patients.

“Mainly for people that are incapacitated, the elderly, the disabled— helps them get around their home. With these robots, you eliminate the need for CNA’S LVN’S, not that they’re not needed, but it’s just easier for people to control their helper from their phone.”

The machines run from $800 all the way to over $1 million, depending on the model and what it’s main purpose is.

The Pro Tek robots are partnering up with the UTRGV robotics team, which will be the first university in the country to train and work with a humanoid robot.

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