HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) – To prepare your home for a hurricane, you’re going to want to gather all the supplies you need and place them in one location or in a bag or box that’s easy to get to just in case a hurricane strikes.

There are two types of hurricane kits – your home kit if you plan to stay at home and ride out the storm. There’s also your to-go kit if you decide to evacuate or realize that you’re in a mandatory evacuation zone.

Stay for the storm kit

The rule of thumb is if you decide to stay home to ride out a hurricane, you’re going to want at least one to two weeks of supplies for each member of your family. That means one to two weeks’ worth of food and water for each person in your family, and that includes your pets.

It’s also a good idea to have some sort of battery operated radio where you can receive weather updates, and hear from local officials on when it’s safe to go outside.

It is also a good idea to have a generator with gasoline handy.

Finally, don’t forget to have some sort of waterproof bag, box or some sort of container to keep all of your important documents safe and dry like your passports, your families birth certificates, any of your IDs and extra cash.

Your to-go kit

Your to go kit is meant to be used if you decide to leave instead of ride out the storm in your home. In this case, the rule of thumb is you want about three days’ worth of supplies.

This means three days of food and water per person. It’s also a good idea to have extra gasoline in fuel safe containers because you’re going to be on the road.

When evacuating, remember to bring along those important documents. You might be on the road for a long time, but it’s a great idea to know where you’re gonna to go ahead of time if possible. So, unlike when you’re staying at home, another part of this plan is you need to know where you’re going.

Don’t forget your chargers for your electronics. And it’s a great idea to have waterproof cases for some of those items as well.