HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — With flu season around the corner, experts shared some tips that the community should be aware of to stay safe.

According to the Texas government website, flu season is from the months of October to May.

“It’s Flu Season coming up so we need to make sure our family, friends and mostly ourselves get our flu vaccine,” Maureen Rattray, LVN Introctuctor, said.

Rattray added the vaccines are to help ourselves, loved ones and the community from getting the flu.

Amadeo Flores III, Lead LVN Instructor said to best avoid the flu one should always practice good infection control, such as washing your hands, keeping our hands clean, covering oneself when one coughs and if one feels sick to stay home.

“Parents should make sure they are not sending their kids to school if they are not feeling well, so this way they can protect not only themselves but the community as well,” Rattray said.

Flores advises the community to clean up their area with disinfecting spray and/or wipes.

Rattray reminds the public to also clean and disinfect their phones to help stop the spread of germs.