BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Brownsville’s original hometown supermarket for generations, El Globo, is closing its doors permanently at the end of December.

ValleyCentral spoke with El Globo customers, who shared their reactions of the supermarket closing.

 “It was pretty much a shock,” customer Sergio Segura said. “My parents have been shopping here for years and basically it was just a surprise, since we saw the news.”

El Globo, originally named Loro’s and Kroger, opened in 1989.

“It’s going to be sad because it’s been here for a long, long time,” Patricia Cisneros told ValleyCentral. “I have memories of shopping here with my mom which is no longer here, but the memories are here.”

The owner decided to close the doors permanently due to health issues, inflation and the end of a lease.

 “I’ve shopped here since my parents were alive, since I was small,” Norma Rodriguez stated. “It’s very hard for me that it’s going to be closing because it’s a store that we used to come a lot.”

“I have a lot of years coming over here because I like the meat, it’s cheap and good,” Amalia Demas said.

“I used to come here when I was younger and it’s kind of heartbreaking to see it closing,” Gloria Eurch said.

 “It’s been here for a long time and it’s sad that it’s closing,” said Terry Pena.

 “We’re going to miss it,” Leonardo Trevino said. “We get here especially when we have our birthday or make tamales my wife makes tamales. We get our stock here. We’re gonna miss it,”

The store will be holding a sale on some of its inventory until it closes.