Homeowner urges city officials to take action towards flooding problem

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MISSION, Texas (KVEO) — Last week, storms brought heavy rain to the Rio Grande Valley, causing minor flooding in some areas.

Daniel Jurado is one of the many homeowners who deal with flooding after every storm. 

“We have been going through this for a couple of years now,” he said.

Although the recent storm did not last long, Jurado said it was shocking to see a large amount of water rise to his home.

Jurado said he has made several complaints to the city and does not know why there is not a solution to the problem.

Although he does not feel like they are doing enough to help the neighborhood, Jurado remains hopeful.

“They keep coming back and all they do is pour a little bit of caliche to the roads,” he said.

Jurado thinks he will make it if there is an active hurricane season this year.

“The situation has been frustrating to lose property over a problem that can be solved,” he said.

Jurado said he appreciates the workers who help pump out the water each year out of his home but looks forward to the day that the flooding issue can be solved. 

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