History kept alive at the RGV Wing of the Commemorative Air Force Museum

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Aircraft on display at the RGV Wing of the Commemorative Airforce Museum. [KVEO]

LOS FRESNOS, Texas (KVEO) – History is on display and kept alive for the public to enjoy at the RGV Wing of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Museum.  

A collection of relics and stories that could have been lost in time and faded in memory are being preserved at the Port Isabel-Cameron County Airport by the RGV Wing of the CAF.  

The CAF is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting and restoring combat military aircraft to working condition and honoring the men and women built and flew them. 

The aircraft and vehicles on display at the RGV Wing CAF Museum are World War II-era machines that shaped the course of history and paved the way for innovations in technology and engineering. 

Prior to moving to their current location, the organization was located at the SPI-Brownsville Airport and would host yearly airshow events for the public.  

Wing Leader for the RGV CAF, Chris Hughston, said the new location of the museum is special in itself, not only was it an airport but it also served as an auxiliary base to Harlingen during WWII for an aerial gunnery school.  

“It’s pretty amazing here in the Valley, we have airplanes here that are 75 and 80 years old and only six miles away, they’re launching rockets,” said Hughston.  

Many of the artifacts, along with their stories, are contributions from RGV families that had families who served in the military during this time period.   

“The war affected everybody, and that these young men and women went off to war, many of them never having been out of Texas before in their lives. So, we tell that story here. It’s really very interesting,” said Hughston.  

The museum is open to the public on Saturdays between 9:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. The number to schedule a private tour or reservation is (956) 479-8585. Groups of 10 or more are asked to call at least seven days in advance. 

General admission is free, but donations are accepted. Group tours of 10 or more are $5 per person.  

In October, the organization will have their first Airshow at the new location. 

“It’s important that we keep the lesson of history alive,” said Hughston. “[So] that generations to come [can] understand the cost of our freedom and the cost that has been paid for us to live the lives that we live today.” 

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