Hispanic Heritage Month: Music at ‘El Hueso de Fraile’ keeps Latino culture alive

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Every city in the Rio Grande Valley has a special sound. In the heart of downtown Brownsville, you can find the most spirited sounds coming from behind the doors of one of Brownsville’s more unique establishments.

At the “El Hueso de Fraile” there is good food, people, and of course music.

For owners Adrian and Laura Foncerrada a normal night includes entertaining guests, serving up unique dishes, and adding to the area’s culture.

“We are Mexican, and this is a valuable time to preserve many artistic manifestations that otherwise would get lost,” said Adrian.  

But this family is on a mission to make sure those traditions can be easily found.   

“I play from Mexican boleros, Bossa Nova from Brazil, Tangos from Argentina, sambas, chacareras, Grupo Venezolano, we play some Cubano, French ballads, Spanish rumba, many many kids of music.”

Sitting inside the walls of “El Hueso” has brought the entire family together. The Foncerrada’s and their three sons even have their own Latin American folk band.  

“It’s called ‘Ensamble la Misión’ because it’s a mission for us to spread the art music and the art song,” said Laura.

The business also attracts other artists who can feel the vibes radiating from the walls.

“The ambiance and the atmosphere; it’s like a big family,” said Adrian. “There’s a community around this place.”

A community that is filled with a love for their heritage. “I feel very proud to be Hispanic and very happy,” said Laura.

“We are so thankful to this country and especially to this city,” added Adrian.

If you’re wondering where the name “El Hueso de Fraile” came from; the family said there are several reasons.

It is a musical instrument Aztec dancers used to wear around their ankles and wrist, and the saying “Vamos al fraile” is slang for “let’s go to the party”.

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