HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Hispanic culture inspires many through music, art, and food but for one business owner, all those elements have successfully inspired her business.

“My grandmother passed away in 2015 and gave me art supplies. I remember, let me sculpt my favorite pan dulce,” said the owner of Me Vale Creations, Sarah Soria.

Soria’s favorite pan dulce (sweet bread) is one many people enjoy, conchas.

That piece of bread is just one thing that inspired her products at her shop.

She explained the inspiration to sculpt came after losing her job in 2015.

“We were literally digging for money to pay our light bill, our water bill, to the point where we camped outside,” she said emotionally.

It was one concha key chain that turned her sour situation, sweet.

“I remember I sculpted it out. I put it on Facebook, and I remember like all my friends and supporters from my makeup page and from my Facebook page…they started ordering them,” she said.

She’s now designing and selling a wide range of products at her shop in Harlingen and online, all inspired by Latino favorites from food to icons.

Oh my gosh! I never thought I would be sculpting and drawing it. I never thought stuff that I grew up with as a kid until now I’m doing it, for generations to come or for older generations. I never thought, never. Aye Diosito, it’s crazy!” she said.

Her products range from key chains to air fresheners, clothing, and other accessories.

She said people from across the world are purchasing her items and tell her the items bring back childhood memories.

“My grandma would tell me Sana, Sana Colita de Rana, and I see older people come in and they relate to it, I see younger kids come in and they know grandma says it, they know mommy says it or daddy says it, tio says it. It is beautiful to see it,” she said.

“Sana, Sana Colita de Rana” directly translates to “heal, heal frogs tail” and is a saying often used to ease children from pain from minor injuries.

Soria said running a business, being a mom, and being a wife is a lot of work but said she is staying motivated.

“And whenever I feel like giving up I say my grandpa did not cross the river just for me to give up. No, nuh uh. I’m going to push,” she said.

She continues to push, designing, and adding more items to her line of unique creations.

“It’s a lifestyle. We’re Mexicanos,” said Soria.