LA FERIA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — High school students from multiple districts showcased their culinary knowledge and skills at a La Feria barbecue competition Thursday.

The La Feria Independent School District hosted the competition to give students hands on experience to highlight and build culinary, team building and networking skills.

Over 11 school districts from Cameron and Hidalgo counties were represented at the competition.

Students were able to compete in five categories including tacos, wings, beans, steak and ribs.

“We have them [school districts] ranging from Harlingen to La Feria, all the way to San Ysidro,” Cassandra Zuvieta, College and Career Director with La Feria ISD said.

The school districts offer the competition as part of a statewide Career and Technical Education Program (CTE) to boost academic and technical skills for all students.

“It’s not only the cooking, but it’s the networking with other students across the Valley,” Zuvieta said. “It’s the communication. Working with the team and really getting to know their teammates. It’s skills they are going to need in the real world.”