Religious leaders also made their way down to McAllen in response to the separation of immigrant families. The interfaith delegation says it’ll continue to pressure President Trump until families are united again.

One of those faith leaders present is the well know Reverend Al Sharpton. He said, “We will stand and advocate on behalf of reconciliation and restitution for those.”

Nearly 40 faith leaders visiting McAllen demanding President Trump keep families together.

“Even with the executive order by the president, it does not address the 2,000 children and 2,000 families or more, that have already been separated.” Said Sharpton.

Despite the president’s decision to end family separation, people still question when and how the families will be reunited. A woman from Colombia says she spent a day and a half in federal custody, before making her way here to the respite center. She considers herself one of the lucky ones.

“They said they were going to take away my son, and that I would go to jail, and that they’d separate me from my son. But it never happened, thank God.”

This morning charges against 17 migrant parents were dropped in federal court. But the challenge now is trying to track down their kids.

Sharpton said, “We’re glad President Trump signed an order to stop it, but what about those in that period of time that suffered family separation? How are they going to be restored?”

Currently the respite center is looking for volunteers to help with accommodating the families in need of shelter.