The City of Hidalgo’s outgoing mayor is contesting the latest election. He claims voter fraud.

Martin Cepeda lost his re-election bid to city council member Sergio Coronado by 261 votes. The election had a 50% voter turnout. Cepeda claims his opponent’s political party recruited voters outside of the city limits to vote in the municipal election.

The mayor now wants to hold his opponent accountable for the cheating that allegedly took place.

“I also have pictures. There’s a house for sale here, it’s been for sale for over 6 months, and we have some people that voted in this mayoral election. Imagine, this group of individuals that won by cheating, they’re doing this. Can you imagine what they’re going to do once they go into office?” said Mayor Cepeda.

Currently the mayor’s team has found nearly 350 voters who participated despite residing in neighboring cities. He says those numbers are from early voting and they still need to check the votes from the general election.