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Hidalgo County residents to vote on $190 million drainage bond proposal

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This election day, Hidalgo County residents will see an important ballot regarding drainage.

This election day, Hidalgo County residents will see an important ballot regarding drainage—an important topic after several homes were flooded in June.

The proposed drainage plan is set to be on the Nov. 6 ballot, affecting over 69,000 structures across Hidalgo County.

It wasn’t too long ago that cars and residents were stuck in the middle of flooded streets.

“These are improvements that we feel are needed for our area,” said Raul Sesin, general manager for Hidalgo County Drainage District One.

Sesin is making his way around the Valley, letting residents know about the proposed 2018 drainage bond that will be on the ballot this upcoming election in November.  

The proposed $190 million plan will increase property taxes.

“The Valley continues to grow and you have to take care of basic infrastructure before you work on parts and all those sort of amenities for a community,” said Palmview City Manager Leonardo Olivares. “We need to take care of street and drainage.”

According to Sesin, a $100,000-valued home would be an additional $30 a year.

“Currently right now, a resident pays $95 a year to the drainage district, so it will be an additional $30, making it $125,” said Sesin. “A resident will pay a year for a $100,000-valued home.” 

Palmview Mayor Pro-Tem Javier Ramirez says it’s all a part of the Valley’s development.

“For our growth here, we need to push this,” said Ramirez.

Sesin says he hopes voters can understand the importance of this bond, but regardless of the vote, the county will continue to improve the drainage around the Valley.

“We are not going to stop,” said Sesin. “As long as we have cooperation with the cities, our commitment is to our partners to improve drainage and improve our system we will find ways to get that done.”

Sesin says if approved, the county will be able to put the plan in place within the next three years.

Here’s a list of upcoming presentations for the proposed bond:

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