Hidalgo County Residents say NO to Proposition 1 for the Second Time

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In Hidalgo County, voters have spoken and turned down a proposition that would have created a health care district. La Union del Pueblo Entero (LUPE) has been one of Proposition 1’s strongest supporters.

News Center 23’s Amy Martinez tells us, LUPE’s fight for affordable healthcare is not over

Despite months of outreach and protests surrounding Proposition 1, last night voters made their message loud and clear.

Ciara Ayala LUPE Outreach Specialist says, “LUPE was advocating for Proposition 1 to pass because along with broadening access to health care it would also have funded some of our community clinics that desperately need support.”

Unofficial results show more than 70% of residents are opposed to a health care district that could have potentially provided indigents with quality health care. And while LUPE officials say they were disappointed in seeing it fail once again, they will continue helping the underserved community.”

Ciara Ayala, “Bring access to healthcare to low income and colonia residents through mobile clinics in the community, health talks in the community given by doctors. And that’s in partnership with the UTRGV School of Medicine.”

On a much larger scale, the non-profit organization says this presidential election has brought them another challenge.

Martha Sanchez, “We’re very sad, not because Trump is the new president, but because of what he talks about. Separation of families, building walls, and ending the DACA program.”

LUPE says they’re already starting to see overwhelming concerns about the future of the immigrant valley community. But they say this isn’t a challenge they won’t overcome.

Martha Sanchez, “Let’s not dwell on that. Let’s get people together, and let’s organize. And let’s get ready for January to see how we’re going to be equipped to receive the new president.”

LUPE wants to remind families with concerns that the organization will continue to act as a voice for the underserved community.

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