EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Hidalgo County officials are preparing for the upcoming November election by putting voting machines to the test.

On Wednesday, officials conducted the accuracy test ahead of midterm elections.

“What that entails is making sure that everything on the ballot is correct. It gives candidates and the public an opportunity to view, make sure that everything is in order,” Hilda Salinas, Hidalgo County Interim Elections Administrator said.

County officials say it is about transparency from beginning to end as they verify machines are ready for voters.

“We do have 1,400 voting machines, so it’s all the voting machines that are being sent out,” Salinas said. “By law, we only have to do a certain percentage but we always do the logic and accuracy on all of them.”

Officials are ensuring that the system is adding votes in the same amount as they are being entered in the machine and that candidates appear in the right precinct.

Preparation includes verification, testing and evaluation of the machines. The county is moving from electronic to hybrid voting machines following a state law that went into effect last year.

Voters are able to take their ballot to a scanner where it is read and tallied.

During the voting process, voters will have 24 pages to go through to select candidates. After selection, the ballot will be printed.

Salinas says the machines will be ready for the Nov. 8 elections with enough poll workers.

“We pretty much already have early voting now. We’re just working on election day,” Salinas said. “We have had quite a few poll workers apply to work especially on election day. We will be ready.”