Hidalgo County officials respond to weekend floods, prepare for upcoming storm

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HIDALGO, Texas (KVEO) — Hidalgo County residents reported flooding that almost reached the inside of their homes after the weekend’s storms. Hidalgo County officials said that there are multiple reasons contributing to flooding.

“With this rain, the water was lapping up onto the front door,” said Daniel Jurado, a Hidalgo County resident.

Across the state and Rio Grande Valley, heavy rainfall is forecasted for this week, and hurricane season is two weeks away.

Precinct 3 commissioner Everardo Villarreal said that Precinct 3 currently has no sewage system but there are plans to advance drainage systems in his precinct.

“The safety of our residents is and will continue to be a top priority for my administration. Although we cannot prevent flooding caused by hurricanes, we can certainly mitigate the impact floods have on our residents and their property by performing proper maintenance to our drainage systems and water retention ponds.

It is my administration’s goal to provide each resident with an adequate drainage system.

Precinct 3 has been working in the impacted area on repairing, or in some cases, adding bar dishes to improve the water flow.”

Everardo Villarreal, Hidalgo County Precinct 3 Commissioner

Ellie Torres, Hidalgo County Precinct 4 commissioner, said that early Monday afternoon her drainage department began cleaning out trash and unclogging drainage systems.

“Some of the flooding that they may have seen the flooding that I did see was attributed to the drains being clogged,” said Torres.

 Torres said that illegal dumping is one of the county’s biggest challenges.

“However, once that rainfalls and that water starts running it’s going to pick up anything on the sides of roads,” said Torres. “And drag that into the ditches.”

Some things found in ditches are mattresses, bottles, and a lot of brush. Torres says that the freeze in February created a lot of brush on the sides of the road.

“In the county, we don’t have door-to-door services where we go and pick up the trash or pick up the brush, however, we do have the do-it-your-self,” said Torres.

Torres said that though the county is working with grants and expanding drainage systems, it won’t be ready in the near future.

“But we are not waiting for that money to come in we are going to get started with what we can do,” said Torres.

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