Hidalgo County Early Voting Update

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Early voting is well underway in the state of Texas. We’re just one week away from Super Tuesday and election officials tell News Center 23 that Hidalgo County continues to increase its voter turnout rate.

During the first week, about 7.3% of registered voters went out to cast their vote. As of yesterday that number went up to almost 9%. The number of registered voters in the county is currently about 317,300.

Although the number is improving, Yvonne Ramon, Elections Administrator, says the voter turnout rate in South Texas is just not high enough.

“Perhaps the candidate of your choice will win, perhaps the candidate of your choice will not win, but together we can make a huge difference. Not only for our local community, but throughout this county we need to be noticed as South Texas,” Ramon said.

There are 25 voting stations throughout the county, and two mobile stations as well.

Voters can pop in any time between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. at any of the locations. However there seems to be a trend commonly seen in the valley.

“A lot of the voters kind of wait till the last minute and when they see that early voting window closing, that’s when they really start getting out to vote, and also of course election day is big,” explained Albert Morales, AACT project coordinator.

Ramon says learning about the different candidates beforehand can make the voting process simple. She also wants to remind citizens that they need to choose a party before checking in to vote.

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