Hidalgo County Democratic party reacts to U.S. Capitol riots

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HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — The nation watched in shock as the events in Washington D.C. unfolded Wednesday, drawing strong condemnation from Democrats and Republicans alike.

Thousands of rioters stormed the Capitol Building, hoping to force Congress to not count the electoral votes that would solidify Joe Biden as the next President of the United States.

The rioters first approached the Capitol peacefully, chanting slogans and remaining behind the barricades set up by Capitol Hill police.

The large crowd of President Trump’s supporters can be heard chanting “fight for Trump” in this video taken at the Capitol Building on January 5th. Credit: Riley Dickson.

They marched to the Capitol at the conclusion of President Donald Trump’s speech in front of the White House.

In fact, marching to the Capitol Building was encouraged by President Trump during his speech when the President said “We’re gonna walk down, to the Capitol, and we’re gonna cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women.”

Once there, their actions shocked the nation.

Barricades were ripped down, rioters climbed the steps, and occasionally the walls, of the Capitol Building. Windows were smashed and the doors of the building thrown open in a violent display of anger and hostility.

“You can’t throw a big tantrum when you lose,” said Norma Ramirez, the chairperson of the Hidalgo County Democratic Party. “It’s never been the right thing to divide, it’s never been the right to destroy.”

Ramirez said President Trump had the chance to try and unite the country in a time of great unease, but he chose not to.

“Instead what he is trying to do is destroy, intimidate, and cause chaos which will do him absolutely no good, and will not help him in any way in the future.”

When asked if she believed there was any way President Trump can make amends for Wednesday’s chaos, she said there was only one.

“I think he needs to stand up, shake the other man’s hand, and say ‘I’m behind you. Whatever you need I’m here for you’,” said Ramirez. “Our country depends on the process that we have, and we know that it’s worked cause it’s been tested, like never before,” she added.

Ramirez told KVEO she is hopeful that the country can return to having faith in the electoral process for future elections.

The Hidalgo County GOP did not return KVEO’s request for comment on the day’s events in Washington D.C.

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