Hidalgo County is cracking down on illegal dumping.

The county recently installed several cameras in hot spot areas thanks to a recent grant from the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council.

The cameras will make it easier for Deputy Constables to gather evidence and take action against residents who dump trash.

Hidalgo County Precinct 2 Constable Marty Cantu says illegal dumping poses a bigger threat than fines or jail time.

“It becomes a health hazard. A lot of times people dump chemicals that seep into the ground, which can get into our water system. It attracts rodents, it attracts diseases, it attracts insects. So there’s a lot of health problems that come along with trash dumping other than it being an eyesore for the county. It diminishes our quality of life here.”

Anyone who witnesses illegal dumping is urged to contact your local county constable’s office.